What We Do

Some of the products we manufacture are:

LED lighting products such as led strip lighting, led globes lights, led tube lights, led swimming pool lights, led down lights and much more. We are leading the world into the future of led lighting by using only the best led lights.
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How we ensure you get only the best:

5 year replacement guarantee on LED street lights.
4 year replacement guarantee on LED tube lights.
3 year replacement guarantee on LED strip lights, LED globe & candle lights etc.
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Inflatable Solar Light

New Inflatable Solar Light!

The NEW and very beautiful lightweight Inflatable Solar Light comes with LED lights inside that will light up any occasion. Available in pure white LED's and colour changing LED colours which consist of 7 different led lighting colours.

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led advantages

Advantages to using LED Lighting.

LED lighting uses light emitting diodes (LED) to give light. LED lighting became more popular over the last few years due to people favouring and prefering LED lighting over the conventional lights, then substituting the old version with the LED lighting version.

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LED Lighting Catalogue

NEW LED Lighting Catalogue.

Our latest LED lighting catalogue features all of our outstanding led products. From led down lights to led pool lighting and so much more. Our LED lighting products are of the highest quality, ensuring you get only the best from your led lights.

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Office LED Lighting

Why more companies are using LED Lighting.

LED lighting, conversely, is poised to deliver on energy savings with a positive environmental impact. With LEDs, businesses can reduce costs and not have to be concerned about proper disposal because the lights can be recycled.

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5inch LED Sparkler Pool Light

5inch LED Sparkler Pool Light

With a 12 colour sequence/setting module including fixed colours, plus synchronisation, the time to swim is now!

• Comes in Pure White, Blue & Colour Changing colours.
• 48 x 5050 & 100 x 5050 LED Chips.
• 120 degree lighting angle.
• Memory recall function.
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