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features of led lighting

Lighting has never been so "Green" until LED lighting came around!
Never again will you have to choose between inefficient incandescents and fluorescents that contain mercury. LED lighting is safe, environmentally friendly and contains no toxic mercury. Make Mother Nature Proud Go GREEN with us! Our LED lights use 90% less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs and less than half the energy of compact fluorescent lamps. Consuming less energy results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions being released into our environment. Also, because each of our LED products are designed to last for 50,000 or more and there is less landfill waste from burned-out incandescent bulbs and no dangerous mercury waste from fluorescents. With MultiSource Technologies there is no compromise. You can have safe, affordable, beautiful LED lighting that makes a positive difference.

Ultra-Efficient LED Lighting
The light output is comparable to that of a 40 to 100 watt incandescent light. Our LED lighting provides efficiency and enables consumers to save hundreds over the life of the light, without compromising beauty or the environment
Save Energy, use LED Lighting
"Lights out" on high energy usage. MultiSource Technologies' LED lights uses only 10% on average of power, that's 90% less energy spent per incandescent light, and 50% less than a CFL.
Save Money, use LED Lighting
How can one light save you so much money? On average in the United States, running a 60-watt light for 50,000 hours would cost $325 in electricity alone. Because the LED lights uses only an average of 10 watts, running the light for 50,000 hours will cost only $60 under the same scenario. In addition, you will no longer spend time or money replacing lights. Over the lifetime of one LED light, you will save $265 dollars or more on your electricity cost alone. Imagine the savings if every light in your home was an LED light!

You May Never Change Another Bulb
The longevity of our LED lights are unmatched. Install one led light and expect 50,000 hours of light, and eliminate outages and the need to replace and dispose of lamps.
A Generation of Light
What is 50,000 hours? It is 50 times the life of a typical incandescent bulb and 5 times the lifetime of an average compact fluorescent lamp. In fact, if you ran one LED lamp for 6 hours per day every day, it would last for nearly 23 years. That is five presidential elections, a home remodeling or a full generation. You may never change another light bulb again.
No More Maintenance
We all have at least one bulb that is hard to reach and needs a ladder or a pole to replace it. Fifty times longer life than incandescent bulbs means 50 fewer chances to fall off a ladder. It means reducing the amount of time spent maintaining your home or business. And when you do change your LED lights, years and years from now, installing LED lights will be a cinch. LED lights use standard sockets and are designed for ease of use

Beautiful, Comfortable Light
Gorgeous lighting from LEDs? It's true, an innovation that illuminates people and surroundings in colour-rich light. Experience all the benefits of incandescent lighting, without high energy costs or environmental impact.
Colours Fully Revealed
It's not your imagination, it's science. MultiSource Technologies' LED lighting products do look more natural than CFLs. Our LED lights have a higher colour rendering, so everything under them looks more vibrant and life like.
Choose warm or cool lighting. Warm lighting gives a traditional and luxurious feeling that homeowners have come to expect. Cool lighting creates an effective work environment or brings a contemporary look to a home.
No Hotspots, No Glare
Our lights are designed to blend seamlessly with any architecture. The proprietary diffusing lens and reflector system delivers an optimal light distribution that softly washes walls and sufficiently illuminates work surfaces. The LEDs are not visible, so you won't be distracted by hotspots or glare. The only thing you will experience is life under beautiful, glowing light.